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Screen shots of the Modus themes for Emacs

Demonstrating some options for various interfaces

Refer to the official manual for the specifics of the Modus themes. The following screen shots show only the defaults, but note that the themes are highly customisable: we simply cannot produce screenshots for the zillions of stylistic variations.

What you see here corresponds to version 4.0.0-dev, done on 2022-12-28. The typeface is my modified version of Iosevka. Enlarge the image, because the smaller size can affect your perception of what is on display.

In each heading, the themes appear in this order:

  • modus-operandi
  • modus-operandi-tinted
  • modus-operandi-deuteranopia
  • modus-vivendi
  • modus-vivendi-tinted
  • modus-vivendi-deuteranopia


modus-operandi theme code sample

modus-operandi-tinted theme code sample

modus-operandi-deuteranopia theme code sample

modus-vivendi theme code sample

modus-vivendi-tinted theme code sample

modus-vivendi-deuteranopia theme code sample


modus-operandi theme org sample

modus-operandi-tinted theme org sample

modus-operandi-deuteranopia theme org sample

modus-vivendi theme org sample

modus-vivendi-tinted theme org sample

modus-vivendi-deuteranopia theme org sample


modus-operandi theme magit sample

modus-operandi-tinted theme magit sample

modus-operandi-deuteranopia theme magit sample

modus-vivendi theme magit sample

modus-vivendi-tinted theme magit sample

modus-vivendi-deuteranopia theme magit sample


modus-operandi theme notmuch sample

modus-operandi-tinted theme notmuch sample

modus-operandi-deuteranopia theme notmuch sample

modus-vivendi theme notmuch sample

modus-vivendi-tinted theme notmuch sample

modus-vivendi-deuteranopia theme notmuch sample