Curriculum Vitae

Basic information

Profile: Expertise and Accomplishments

I am an expert on GNU Emacs and the Elisp programming language.

In the past four years, I have authored and distributed free of charge, many Emacs packages:

My Emacs packages include:

  • Modus themes (they are built into core Emacs version 28 or higher)
  • Denote
  • Ef (εὖ) themes
  • Standard themes
  • Beframe
  • Fontaine
  • Substitute
  • TMR
  • aLtCaPs
  • sxhkdrc-mode
  • Logos
  • Pulsar
  • Lin
  • Cursory
  • Notmuch Indicator
  • Agitate
  • Minibuffer and Completions in Tandem
  • Mandoura
  • Research
  • spacious-padding

I am a teacher, philosopher, public speaker, writer, and advocate for free, open-source software. I am proficient in English, Greek and French.

  • Gave an invited oral presentation (in English) at EmacsConf 2021 (
  • Published over 100 YouTube videos (all in English) on Emacs
  • Published over 200 YouTube videos (all in English) on a variety of topics
  • Wrote in English the user manuals and release notes (change logs) for all my Emacs packages
  • Wrote in Greek the official Emacs TUTORIAL, which is part of core Emacs version 29
  • Wrote >1000 publications (all in English) on a variety of topics including Emacs, Elisp programming, and philosophy (all freely available on my personal website)
  • Teach private lessons on Emacs and Elisp
  • Provide people with free technical support and advice on Emacs and programming
  • Distribute all my Emacs work for free and in freedom

My media interviews



  • Emacs and Elisp
  • Git
  • Shell (Bash)
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Jekyll
  • Linux operating system
  • Technical documentation
  • Color theme and palette designs
  • Public speaking (in English and in video format)
  • Writing (in multiple languages and on a variety of topics)
  • Proficient in English, Greek and French
  • Philosophy (including Taoism and Confucianism)


Bachelor’s Degree in European Politics, Economics, and Law from the European University Cyprus

Work Experience


A parliamentary assistant at the European Parliament
An independent researcher in European affairs