Newsboat replaces abandoned (?) newsbeuter

The same program, only it is actively maintained

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For some reason I happened to stumble upon the source code of newsbeuter, my default RSS/Atom feed reader. According to issue #525, the project seems to have been abandoned. That is a pity. I really like this tool.

On the upside, a drop-in replacement is available: newsboat. It is a fork of the original program. The only difference is that it is actively maintained.

Though I did not encounter any problems with newsbeuter, I decided to make the switch just for the sake of being on the safe side. Once I compiled the new program, I ran the following command to complete the transition:

# Rename configs
# Assuming ~/.newsbeuter
mv .newsbeuter .newsboat

My feeds and podcasts (podbeuter => podboat) work as they did before.

Thank you for the fork! Hopefully the author of newsbeuter is doing all right and will get back to maintaining the repo.

By the way

The podcasting options of this program are fairly simple. They get the job done without much fanfare. Exactly what I need.

When you open a feed item in newsboat that contains an enclosed link (the audio file), just hit e to enqueue it. It will then be available for download when you run podboat.