Introducing the Bionis Jekyll theme

Minimalist, mobile-first, two-column on desktop

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Today I found some free time and was able to republish the second version of my Jekyll-based website as a standalone Jekyll theme. The end product is Bionis (see the demo pages): a theme that scales from a single column view on smaller form factors, to a two-column design on the desktop.

How to get it

Bionis is distributed only in source code: see the repo on GitLab. I have opted not to create a gem-based theme, at least not for the time being. Gem-based themes are a relatively new feature. It needs time to mature. Based on my tests, it is not as robust as what one gets from, say, WordPress themes with their capacity for child themes and the like.

Distributing the theme in source code means keeping expectations grounded.


Bionis is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License Version 3.


Bionis implements some of my ‘best practices’ for running a site with Jekyll. The documentation goes into further detail.