Moved to GitLab Pages and added https

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I want to make a couple of announcements:

  1. My website’s source code is now hosted on GitLab.
  2. All pages are heretofore served via a secure connection (https instead of http).

I first learned about GitLab from Changelog episode 220. I created an account shortly thereafter but failed to do anything with it. I was/am on GitHub so the idea of migrating my projects over to this new service did not seem appealing.

But then Chromium (Google Chrome) announced that it will soon favour websites with secure protocols. I expected GitHub Pages (where I previously hosted my site) to follow suit: to provide users with the option of setting up a certificate for their custom domains. As of this writing, they have not done so. GitLab does.

There was my reason. Today I had some free time, so I committed to make all the necessary arrangements for the switch and the transition to the secure protocol. Everything appears to be working fine. I am happy and looking forward to exploring GitLab’s features.