Emacs: Substitute version 0.3.0

Substitute is a set of commands that perform text replacement (i) throughout the buffer, (ii) limited to the current definition (per narrow-to-defun), (iii) from point to the end of the buffer, and (iv) from point to the beginning of the buffer.

These substitutions are meant to be as quick as possible and, as such, differ from the standard query-replace (which I still use when necessary). The provided commands prompt for substitute text and perform the substitution outright, without moving the point.

Below are the release notes.

This is a small release that adds a quality-of-life refinement to an already stable package.

Access all commands via a prefix key

The command substitute-prefix-map can be assigned to a key to make it work as a prefix. This way, all Substitute commands are readily available. For example:

(define-key global-map (kbd "C-c s") #'substitute-prefix-map)

After evaluating that, type C-c s C-h to learn about all the key bindings. To change those, use something like this:

(define-key substitute-prefix-map (kbd "b") #'substitute-target-in-buffer)
(define-key substitute-prefix-map (kbd "d") #'substitute-target-in-defun)
(define-key substitute-prefix-map (kbd "r") #'substitute-target-above-point)
(define-key substitute-prefix-map (kbd "s") #'substitute-target-below-point)

Those commands can, of course, be used without the prefix key. In that case, bind them directly to the global-map instead of the substitute-prefix-map.