Emacs: customize fonts (generic method and 'fontaine' package)

Raw link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qR8JRYr4BKE

In this ~27-minute video, I show how to configure fonts in Emacs. I explain what “faces” are and how the default, fixed-pitch, and variable-pitch faces work. I demonstrate the built-in variable-pitch-mode and then discuss how to change preset font configurations with the help of the fontaine package (one of my packages).


Fontaine allows the user to define detailed font configurations and set them on demand. For example, one can have a regular-editing preset and another for presentation-mode (these are arbitrary, user-defined symbols): the former uses small fonts which are optimised for writing, while the latter applies typefaces that are pleasant to read at comfortable point sizes.


My personal Emacs configuration. It is comprehensive, both in terms of the [custom] code it contains as well as the documentation on what each piece of functionality does.