EmacsConf2023: hyperdrive.el peer-to-peer filesystem (Joseph Turner and Protesilaos)

Raw link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OOA9rs5qteU

This is the video presentation of hyperdrive.el that we prepared for EmacsConf 2023 together with Joseph Turner: https://emacsconf.org/2023/talks/hyperdrive/. The hyperdrive.el package provides an Emacs interface to the hyperdrive peer-to-peer filesystem.

  • Joseph introduces the concept of hyperdrive and describes what their work is about.

  • Then I take the stage to present the user-facing basics of managing hyper drives in Emacs with hyperdrive.el. I show how to use the menu, upload a file, navigate the Dired-like buffer of the drive, edit files, and also talk about how versioning works with hyperdrive.

  • Finally, I give the stage back to Joseph to further elaborate on the concepts of hyperdrive.el, including how we can name the drives of other people and use the mirroring functionality to upload lots of files at once.

I use hyperdrive.el to share pictures and video clips that typically do not get published on my website, either due bandwidth considerations or because they are small and do not fit into any of the categories I have (e.g. a ~1 minute clip of an eagle flying above my hut). The potential of peer-to-peer technology intrigues me. We can collaborate with others and share files between us without being dependent on centralised nodes/actors/providers. Here is the link to my drive: hyper://5cr7mxac8o8aymun698736tayrh1h4kbqf359cfk57swjke716gy/

About Joseph Turner

I’m Joseph Turner. I enjoy fiddle, Aikido, peer-to-peer networks, Emacs, and swimming in cold water. I work with USHIN, a tiny educational US nonprofit whose mission is to promote personal, community, and global health through free and open universal shared information for everybody. This year, we’re focusing on the hyperdrive.el project, with the goal of bringing Emacs and peer-to-peer together.

hyperdrive.el sources

About Protesilaos

Find all my publications on my website (Emacs, philosophy, Linux, etc.): https://protesilaos.com