Emacs: my new 'spacious-padding' package

I just published a new project called spacious-padding. This is yet another package of mine for GNU Emacs. It increases the padding or spacing of frames and windows on demand.

The idea with this package is to provide the means to easily toggle between terse and spacious views, depending on the user’s needs.

Below are a couple of pictures to show what I mean.

Default spacing 😒

GNU Emacs with default spacing

M-x spacious-padding-mode 🤩

GNU Emacs with spacious-padding-mode enabled

Coming soon

There will be no widely available GNU ELPA package for the first days of spacious-padding. Only those who track the GNU ELPA-devel archive or pull directly from source can get it right now. I want to test this for a while longer before tagging version 0.1.0. Expect the formal release some time next week.

Inspiration for this package comes from Nicolas Rougier’s impressive designs and Daniel Mendler’s org-modern package.