Emacs: Modus themes for tritanopia (blue-yellow colour deficiency)

I just published the development version of two new entries in the modus-themes collection. These are modus-operandi-tritanopia (light) and modus-vivendi-tritanopia (dark). Both are optimised for users with blue-yellow colour deficiency. This means that they avoid scenaria where colour coding has to be done using red+green (e.g. diffs, Org TODO and DONE, …), but also avoid the use of yellow.

Below are some screenshots. Click to enlarge them for optimal results. Refer to this page for samples of all the Modus themes: https://protesilaos.com/emacs/modus-themes-pictures.

modus-operandi-tritanopia theme code sample

modus-vivendi-tritanopia theme code sample

modus-operandi-tritanopia theme org sample

modus-vivendi-tritanopia theme org sample

modus-operandi-tritanopia theme magit sample

modus-vivendi-tritanopia theme magit sample

modus-operandi-tritanopia theme notmuch sample

modus-vivendi-tritanopia theme notmuch sample

Coming in modus-themes version 4.2.0

I consider this a major step forward that fulfils the potential of the Modus themes. Expect the new version to be available in the coming weeks, either built into the latest development target of Emacs or from GNU ELPA as a standalone package.