Emacs: spontaneous live stream today (2023-05-06) at 11:30 Europe/Athens time

Raw link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v8NaZV1LdN8

It is raining and I have no coaching work right now… I am thus planning to do a live stream on various Emacs topics. The video will be recorded and can be watched later.

There is nothing specific I want to talk about. I will just do some general maintenance of Emacs code and go with the flow.

A non-exhaustive list of items:

  • Write a defalias of modus-themes-items to modus-themes-collection.

  • Write the inverse for the ef-themes.

  • Document in the Modus manual how to add more spacing in the frame and between windows.

  • Solve a problem on how to get the cursor colour from the current theme (see snippet below).

    ;; Getting the cursor color
    (car (alist-get 'cursor ef-duo-dark-palette))
    ;; => "#ef6f11"
    ;; Getting the theme and adding the "-palette" string to match the alist
    (intern-soft (format "%s-palette"
                         (car custom-enabled-themes)))
    ;; => ef-duo-dark-palette
    ;; Getting frustrated for not being able to see the error....
    (alist-get 'cursor
               (intern-soft (format "%s-palette"
                                    (car custom-enabled-themes))))
  • Contribute to the Denote mailing list thread about linking to non-note files: https://lists.sr.ht/~protesilaos/denote/%3C87fs8b85tq.fsf%40prevos.net%3E.

Of course, I can also do whatever else may come up during the chat. I understand this is a short notice (I am typing this at 2023-05-06 08:01 +0300), so no worries if you can’t make it.