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Emacs: sxhkdrc-mode version 1.0.0

This is a major mode for editing sxhkdrc files. SXHKD is the Simple X Hot Key Daemon which is commonly used in minimalist desktop sessions on Xorg, such as with the Binary Space Partitioning Window Manager (BSPWM). The sxhkdrc file configures key chords, binding them to commands. For the technicalities, read the man page sxhkd(1) and/or consult my dotfiles: https://git.sr.ht/~protesilaos/dotfiles.

This version addresses all the issues that were present in the original release of sxhkdrc-mode. The package should now provide a fully fledged major mode for editing sxhkdrc files. Concretely, I have made the following user-facing changes:

  • Refined the indentation rules. The indent function is robust: it knows how to correctly align (i) key definitions, (ii) commands, (iii) commands with continuation lines per the \ shell script notation. Furthermore, indentation is no longer added to wrong places, such as at the end of a line.

  • Added support for an Imenu index (use M-x imenu or the better M-x consult-imenu from the consult package). This provides a minibuffer completion interface to all relevant syntactic constructs in the buffer. The index consists of entries for keys and commands.

  • Defined an outline-regexp. One can now use sxhkdrc-mode in tandem with M-x outline-minor-mode. The outline consists of any comment that starts with at least three comment characters (#). Use this to create headings in the document that can be folded in an Org-style fashion and/or navigate between them with minibuffer completion with the command consult-outline.

    [ Also see my logos package for more with pages/sections/headings. ]

  • Rectified the “filling” of comments. With default key bindings, this is done with M-q for fill-paragraph.