Emacs: my new 'altcaps' package

The altcaps package helps you apply alternating letter casing to convey sarcasm or mockery. For example, convert this:

I respect the authorities

To this:

i ReSpEcT tHe AuThOrItIeS

The altcaps package thus makes you more effective at textual communication. Plus, you appear sophisticated. tRuSt Me.

Use any of the following commands to achieve the desired results:

  • altcaps-word :: Convert word to alternating letter casing. With optional NUM as a numeric prefix argument, operate on NUM words forward, defaulting to 1. If NUM is negative, do so backward. When NUM is a negative prefix without a number, it is interpreted -1.

  • altcaps-region :: Convert region words between BEG and END to alternating case. BEG and END are buffer positions. When called interactively, these are automatically determined as active region’s boundaries, else the space between mark and point.

  • altcaps-dwim :: Convert to alternating letter casing Do-What-I-Mean style. With an active region, call altcaps-region. Else invoke altcaps-word with optional NUM, per that command’s functionality (read its documentation).