Iosevka Comfy version 0.4.0

Iosevka Comfy is a build of the Iosevka typeface with a rounded style and open shapes, adjusted metrics, and overrides for almost all individual glyphs in both roman (upright) and italic (slanted) variants. It is more vertically compact than the standard upstream configuration. Glyphs are rounder and have tailed ends or serifs only when those are required to both impose a predictable rhythm and keep characters distinct from each other.

The README file in the git repository covers all the technicalities and presents the screenshots.

While not specific to Emacs, Iosevka Comfy is an integral part of my Emacs experience: these are the only fonts I use as they complement my efforts to have highly legible interfaces that are consistent and devoid of exaggerations (per my modus-themes and ef-themes).

Below are the release notes.

  • Rebuilt all files using upstream Iosevka version v16.0.2, commit 2f48331f. This is done to incorporate the latest changes (although they do not affect Iosevka Comfy).

  • Designed a new stylistic “motion” variant. Select glyphs are curlier and/or have tailed ends and serifs, giving a more playful and fluid impression. By comparison, standard Iosevka Comfy is austere.

    The new variants are (i) iosevka-comfy-motion, which is largely monospaced and supports ligatures, and (ii) iosevka-comfy-motion-duo which is quasi-proportional in its spacing.

    The variants in brief:

    • iosevka-comfy is monospaced and supports ligatures. Apart from ligatures, it allows certain glyphs, such as arrows, to occupy more than one block.

    • iosevka-comfy-motion is like iosevka-comfy but with lots of small tweaks that add serifs and tailed ends to give a more playful impression.

    • iosevka-comfy-duo is quasi-proportional and supports ligatures. The naturally wide glyphs, such as m, are allowed to occupy two blocks instead of one.

    • iosevka-comfy-motion-duo is like iosevka-comfy-duo but with the more playful style of iosevka-comfy-motion.

    • iosevka-comfy-fixed is like iosevka-comfy albeit strictly monospaced and thus does not support ligatures. All glyphs are exactly the same width. Use this if you prefer it or if your application (e.g. terminal emulator) does not recognise iosevka-comfy as a monospaced font.

    • iosevka-comfy-wide is the same as iosevka-comfy except it is noticeably wider. It also looks taller than iosevka-comfy even though both variants fit the same number of lines on a screen.

    • iosevka-comfy-wide-fixed same as iosevka-comfy-wide though it is strictly monospaced and does not support ligatures.

  • Updated all screenshots and reworked the README to better present the stylistic variants of Iosevka Comfy.

  • The comparison between regular Iosevka and Iosevka Comfy now uses a larger font height and displays line numbers. These help illustrate how Iosevka Comfy is more compact than its counterpart (compactness is more economical, but also prevents rivers of negative space from flowing through the lines; rivers which I find incredibly annoying).