The ef-themes now include two deuteranopia-friendly themes

[ For an introduction and comprehensive video tour of the ef-themes: ]

I have been working non-stop since last night to add two themes to my new ef-themes project for GNU Emacs. Those are the ef-deuteranopia-light and ef-deuteranopia-dark. Both are designed to accommodate the needs of users with red-green colour deficiency/blindness (deuteranopia). In simple terms, those themes only use shades of blue and yellow for their accents. Expect to find consistent blue-yellow colour combinations throughout the themes.

[ Click to enlarge the screenshots. Those are relevant as of 2022-08-19 13:20 +0300, without prejudice to further refinements, which will not be reflected herein. ]

ef-themes demo 1 of ef-deuteranopia-light

ef-themes demo 2 of ef-deuteranopia-light

ef-themes demo 1 of ef-deuteranopia-dark

ef-themes demo 2 of ef-deuteranopia-dark

I expect that users will appreciate the accessibility these offer, beside whatever aesthetic considerations.

These will be part of the next tagged release. Expect it some time next week, together with other useful changes/additions.