Emacs: discontinuing development of MCT

My mct package for Emacs provides a layer of integration between the default minibuffer and the standard *Completions* buffer. The idea is to make the two work as part of a singular interface and establish relevant patterns of interaction.

Recent developments in emacs.git indicate that the next stable version of Emacs will have MCT-like functionality built-in. Some regressions in mct.el are already caused by those changes. More might follow. I think it is not sustainable to track a moving target, nor is it desirable to replicate functionality that core Emacs already offers or will soon provide. I thus consider it preferable to recognise that MCT is becoming surplus to requirements and shift my attention to more productive endeavours.

Things are in a state of flux right now. Please check the ongoing discussions about completion on the emacs-devel mailing list. If you are using Emacs 29, I encourage you to try the new features (check the NEWS with C-h n (M-x view-emacs-news)) and send your feedback to the maintainers, else switch to the vertico package by Daniel Mendler.

Will MCT be deleted?

No. The package still works and will continue to do so for Emacs 28 (the current stable version of Emacs). If you like what you have, there is no pressing need to change your setup.

If I ever decide to delete the package, I will publish an announcement (or series thereof) several months in advance.

Are you abandoning MCT?

I will continue to support the package. Though I will no longer try to make it work with Emacs 29. We must respect what is happening in emacs.git and adapt accordingly.