Moving all my Emacs projects to SourceHut

I just completed the migration of the main Git repository of the modus-themes from GitLab to SourceHut:

  commit 6bdc035ea1d5559ec6220521d5926780539f04b9
  Author: Protesilaos Stavrou <>
  Date:   Thu Apr 7 12:59:23 2022 +0300

      Move official Git repository to SourceHut

      The new source is <>.

      The GitLab URL which once was the main source of this project will
      function as a mirror from now on.  This is in addition to the GitHub

      * <>
      * <>

      The canonical mailing list for user feedback and/or patches is
      <>.  Everyone is encouraged
      to use it: it is ordinary email and one can attach files (e.g. pictures)
      if needed.

The plan is to do the same with all my projects, starting from those pertinent to my Emacs contributions: Expect such changes in the coming hours and days. Note that I must also update GNU ELPA, MELPA, and related, so this might take a while.

Why SourceHut?

I like SourceHut because it is aligned with my preference of using email as my primary mode of communication. In practical terms, I appreciate the fact that I can perform all Git-related tasks from inside of Emacs (i.e. produce and install patches, track email threads, …), without being forced to use some web UI.

Furthermore, I have been following Drew DeVault, the founder of SourceHut, for several years now and consider them a force for good in the libre software space.

In principle, SourceHut is a paid service (which is consistent with software freedom), though they accept registrations free of charge for the time being. One needs to register an account only if they host a project there. An account is not required to participate in the mailing lists.

I purchased a one-year subscription for EUR 20. This is the lowest tier and the one I can afford right now. The longer-term hope is to switch to the EUR 100 per annum tier in order to support this worthy project.

How to report an issue?

Check the mailing list: (replace the modus-themes with the name of the given repo, once available). The mailing list’s URL provides an archive with all relevant threads. It also includes a way to subscribe to it, as well as a convenient mailto: link to directly post a new message by composing an email.

What about the mirrors?

You can still use them to report issues. Though I encourage you to at least try the email-centric workflow of SourceHut.