My Modus themes for Emacs are in ELPA

Raw link:

In this video I announce the immediate availability of my themes for Emacs through the official package archive. I explain what this means in practice, how the new legal arrangements stand, and talk about my plans concerning the ongoing development of this project.

The “Modus themes” are my highly-accessible themes for GNU Emacs. They conform with the WCAG AAA standard for colour contrast accessibility, which stands for a minimum contrast ratio of 7:1 between the foreground and background values.

The two themes are:

  • modus-operandi-theme (light)
  • modus-vivendi-theme (dark)

Here is the link to the GitLab repo of the Modus themes.

You might want to send your feedback concerning the proposed changes to diff-mode that I mentioned in the video. If you do not have a GitLab account, feel free to contact me via email.