Status update 2020-07-11: I will be without Internet access for the foreseeable future, starting from 2020-07-12. Please understand that I will only reply to your messages whenever I manage to get back. That may be in a few weeks from now or longer. It all depends on whether I secure enough income amidst the ongoing crisis. Apologies in advance for whatever inconvenience.

Intro to the Gnus newsreader and email client for Emacs

In this video tutorial I offer a tour around the main interfaces of Gnus, the built-in Emacs newsreader and email client.

I switched to Gnus full-time about a week ago. I use it to keep track of mailing lists and to handle my email correspondence. The experience is quite pleasant and I am excited about the possibilities it opens up.

See my dotemacs for the documentation and package declarations I provide.