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Released Modus themes 0.3.0

I just published version 0.3.0 of the Modus themes. These are my highly-accessible themes for GNU Emacs. They conform with the WCAG AAA standard for colour contrast accessibility (a minimum contrast ratio of 7:1 between the foreground and background values). You can find the packages on MELPA:

  • modus-operandi-theme (light)
  • modus-vivendi-theme (dark)

Below is the complete log of all the relevant changes since 0.2.0 (2019-12-18).

  • Add support for the following packages:
    • apt-sources-list
    • calfw
    • counsel-css
    • counsel-notmuch
    • counsel-org-capture-string
    • cov
    • disk-usage
    • evil-visual-mark-mode
    • geiser
    • keycast
    • org-journal
    • org-noter
    • paren-face
    • powerline
    • vc
    • xah-elisp-mode
  • Explicitly style the following packages (these were already covered, in terms of the colours they used, but are now targeted directly):
    • calendar
    • counsel
    • cursor
    • package (M-x list-packages)
  • Minor tweaks to face groups:
    • dired
    • compile
  • Fixes and refinements:
    • Documentation strings will now inherit the option for slanted constructs (off by default – see the README about all the user options).
    • Comment delimiters have the same styles as the body of the comment to avoid inconsistencies when the option for slanted constructs is enabled.
    • The line number that is displayed in the compile log is now correctly styled.
    • Removed duplicate entries for ivy-remote and added ivy-separator.
    • Ensure that the minibuffer prompt is always above the minimum contrast ratio of 7:1, by using a more appropriate shade of cyan.
    • Properly reference a couple of variables in Modus Vivendi.
  • Internal adjustments:
    • Decouple the core dired faces from those of external packages.
    • Same for org and org-recur.
  • Minor documentation updates.

For more information, check the git repository of the modus-themes.