Emacs: use DIRED and BONGO to store playlists

Save curated lists and play them back at your convenience

Raw link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-qo2Ai3pZRk

In this screen cast I demonstrate how to use the power of the built-in directory editor to create playlists of your media files. Playlists are curated file system paths that point to media files or directories that contain such files.

You can play back the contents of playlists with Bongo. When you insert a playlist that contains links to directories, it will insert all media files recursively. Otherwise it just adds the music files that are referenced.

As noted in the demo, here is my previous video on how I use Bongo with Dired and here is my dotemacs, from where you can get all my configurations for bongo, dired, etc.