Free software is political (video reply to Bryan Lunduke)

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Bryan Lunduke has a video where he argues that technology is not political and, by extension, free software is just a technical endeavour.

Here is the part of his opinion that is specifically about free software and which I use as a basis for my counterpoint:

Once you see something as a movement of people with an ideology, politics comes into play with that. And to say that there are no politics involved in free software would clearly be wrong. Clearly that would be wrong. However, free software, in and of itself, is not political at all. It is simply a license applied to software where source code is available.

In my video I also refer to a case that Richard Stallman talks about in one of his presentations. It concerns a printer and the proprietary software it came with. This is the transcript.

I usually do video tutorials about Emacs and other technical free software topics such as the Binary Space Partitioning Window Manager. Stay tuned for more.

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