Vim user's first impressions of GNU Emacs

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In this screen cast I share my first impressions of GNU Emacs; a tool that I have been using exclusively for the last two weeks or so.

I explain the main differences between Vim and Emacs and how the latter should be seen as an open-ended proposition. Emacs is more of an application platform than a mere text editor, courtesy of its ability to interpret and evaluate Lisp code (Emacs Lisp, to be precise).

I think Vim is better suited as a text editor and has a more rigid approach to tackling that task. Whereas Emacs is all about extensibility. It is meant to be tailored to your workflow and to match your requirements. As such, you are encouraged to configure it exactly the way you want and even write your own elisp functions.

Here is the code I have accumulated thus far, with the proviso that everything is in its early development days and things might change quite drastically: