New publication: Structured Text on Sovereignty, Nationhood, Statehood

On the abstract structure of the core tenets of modern politics

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I just updated the books’ section of this website to include my latest work on political philosophy.

The Structured Text on Sovereignty, Nationhood, Statehood (STSNS) explores the core tenets of modern politics—sovereignty, nationhood, statehood—in an attempt to form a better understanding of the bigger picture of political phenomena.

This short book seeks to provide an impetus for further reflection on a series of issues that relate to the following metapolitical research questions:

  • Who governs?
  • Where is the locus of power?

Now, you may wonder why bother with political philosophy in the age of ephimeral interest and short attention spans? Because of a firm belief that the degredation of the public dialogue is directly linked to the continuous debasement of political ideas.

There is a tendency to simplify a bit too much. Fit everything into a tweet or a 15-second long video loop. Add some data without context or a clear methodology to make the statement look plausible. Profit!

The only things that survive this race to the bottom are meaningless calls to action. Empty statements for charlatans to thrive on. No wonder the populist juggernaut continues unencumbered.

Not everything is doom and gloom though. There still is space for sensible debate. This book targets that kind of audience: politicians, researchers, informed citizens; people who want to critically reflect on the propriety or adequacy of their beliefs.

The Structured Text on Sovereignty, Nationhood, Statehood, just as everything I publish on this website, is distributed free of charge, under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License (CC BY-SA), version 4.0.

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