Links to external code repositories

Selected projects I develop, maintain or contribute to

  • Dotfiles
    My custom working environment on GNU/Linux. Managed with GNU Stow. This is a comprehensive repository that incorporates much of my work on free software.
  • Historiador WordPress Theme
    A fork of the Twenty Seventeen WordPress theme, geared towards making a modern, full-featured personal website for use by Rui Tavares.
  • Prot16
    Colour schemes for highlighting code syntax. Each theme uses a 16-colour palette. It comes in light and dark variants.
  • Simple Terminal
    Soft fork of the 'Simple Terminal' by suckless. Implements changes to colours and theming, font handling, and a few patches provided by upstream contributors.
  • Tempus Themes
    Tempus is a collection of themes for Vim, text editors, and terminal emulators that are compliant at the very least with the WCAG AA accessibility standard for colour contrast
  • Tempus Themes Generator
    Tool to build Tempus themes on demand. The epicentre of the Tempus themes project and where all the underlying code and schemes are to be found.