Closing notes and additional resources

Prot's Dots For Debian - Book index

That is all from my side. Thank you for reading through the pages of Prot’s Dots for Debian (PDFD). You should now have a solid basis to build upon.

Remember: we customise our session to improve our workflow. Efficiency is all that matters. What gets upvoted in various fora for *NIX enthusiasts does not always work as well (e.g. low-contrast colour schemes, excessive transparency and wanton use of blur effects).

I leave you with some links, just for the sake of completeness:

  • The canonical link to PDFD (part of my website).
  • My website, where I publish all sorts of things apart from libre software stuff.
  • Source files for Prot’s Dots For Debian:
    1. PDFD repo.
    2. Site repo.
  • The Code for PDFD contains the latest fixed release of my dotfiles. It was our reference point throughout this book.
  • My dotfiles is where I push regular changes to my custom desktop session. I include them in a “fixed release” when I feel they are ready for broader adoption.
  • Tempus themes. This is just the main repo, which includes information about the entirety of the project, as noted in the chapter about the Tempus themes.