Protesilaos Stavrou
Philosopher. Polymath.

About this book

On Human Self Worth - Book index

In terms of content, this is a work on philosophy that touches on some political themes.

As for its overall style, it marks a departure from the strict format I adopted for my previous books and publications.

This is an experimental project. One chapter employs irony from start to finish. Another follows from there to make a case against it. There are passages that try to be more humorous or “tongue in cheek”. Overall, this is a free form text that may or may not succeed in the task of addressing the overarching theme of human self worth.

This booklet is concerned with the set of narratives we formulate about ourselves. The idea we have about the world and our place in it. The values we adopt have implications on how we organise society and determine the way we conduct our politics.

The various items that contribute to the broader tradition underpinning human’s self evaluation may not be political in and of themselves. It is their cumulative effect that is felt in the domain of politics.

To this end, the reader is expected to connect the dots wherever necessary. My interest is to elaborate on the general features of the subject of inquiry, allowing space for a range of possible conclusions.

Overall, On Human Self Worth is an attempt at something new in my philosophical musings. I might build on top of it, if I feel satisfied with this direction, or learn from its shortcomings and adapt accordingly.