On Human Self Worth

About human's self image and place in the world

Published: 21 August 2018
Book version: 1.0.0


  • 1. About this book

    "On Human Self Worth" is a book on philosophy that delves into some political themes.

  • 2. Contempt

    About humanity's capacity to treat their entire experience as worthy only of contempt.

  • 3. Godlessness

    Thoughts about positive and analytical propositions in philosophy, as well as the dangers of scientism.

  • 4. Delusions

    About humanity's vainglory and the importance it attaches to mundane things.

  • 5. Status

    Thoughts on the significance fastened upon social conventions.

  • 6. Nihilism

    On human's tendency to revert ideals into dismissal of everything concerned.

  • 7. Greens

    About the principles that distinguish environmentalism from ecology.