Little Guide to the European Union - Book index

This book is developed as a web-based project. Unlike print, it will have a lifecycle of active development. This means that it may be further edited or expanded upon if conditions require so.

To this end, and for the sake of transparency, the book features a version number to denote its current state in the development cycle. Any change introduced henceforth will be recorded in the book’s changelog.

The reason for this is two-fold:

  • Scope. The book is a “guide” to the politics of the European Union. Given how certain areas of policy may undergo substantial reform over the short-to-medium-term, there is no point in writing chapters that will soon become outdated (e.g. on migration and asylum, or “Brexit”).
  • Medium. In being digital, the book enjoys a degree of potential flexibility. New chapters can be added with minimal effort. It is not like print where a single change would require a new edition. And, therefore, it is a missed opportunity to publish a web-based book and treat it as perfectly static, i.e. as if it were destined for print.

Each part of the book has an independent presence: its own webpage and meta data. A chapter can be taken out of context and still stand on its own merits. This means that if a reader wishes to share a specific page with their network, they can do so just by copy-pasting the link. No need for any further references.