Twitter no more

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My Twitter days are over. I will delete my account. This decision will enter into force on April 24, 2016 at 0700 CET, only so that it does not come as a total surprise. Please do not tweet back at me. I will not see your message.

The handles to be affected are two:

Through Twitter I got to share my thoughts with people outside my circle of acquaintances. Almost all of the accounts I followed were of individuals I had never met and probably never will. I gathered valuable information out of the items they shared. I even was fortunate enough to come across some like-minded persons.1

Coming to the disadvantages that ultimately shaped my decision, these can be enumerated thus:

  1. Addictive usage: I realised that I was checking the app/website multiple times per day. This is time I could have spent reading, writing, coding, or just going out for a walk.
  2. Limited interaction: I oftentimes felt as though I was tweeting to the void. Zero feedback. This probably has to do with who I am, what I would share, the timing of my tweets, and so on. Whatever the case, I would rather not change my behaviour for a social network.
  3. Irrelevance of the service: Twitter offers too little and asks for too much in return. I receive the news directly from media outlets, while I follow websites that interest me by subscribing to their content feed (“RSS”). The only use case for Twitter was to share links to my writings.

I have no alter-Twitter, at least not for the time being. If you are still interested, there are ways to contact me and/or follow my work. I understand these may prove inadequate or inconvenient to a Twitter user. My apologies.

As for this website, it remains my only real commitment on the Internet.


  1. Though quite a few, I wish to single out—and hereby express my gratitude to—Lluís Camprubi (@lluiscamprubi) who found me via Twitter and eventually asked for my contribution to the journal of the Catalan Greens. My article was published on January 26, 2016 with the title “Europe’s economic governance: context and reform prospects”. It was republished a day later on this website. [^]