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Prot16 syntax themes

Prot16 is a collection of colour schemes following the design philosophy of Ethan Schoonover's Solarized. Each scheme consists of 8 base values, divided by two groups into 'light' and 'dark', plus 8 accent values which remain constant across light and dark variations of an applied theme. The idea is to easily transition from light to dark while retaining the same feel. The accents are variants of red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, violet, and magenta.

Links to selected GitHub projects

  • Dotfiles

    Configuration files for some of my favourite programs on GNU/Linux.

  • Prot16 Generator

    A nimble tool to automate the process of exporting the Prot16 colour schemes to a variety of applications and terminals.

  • Tempus Themes

    Tempus is a collection of themes for Vim and terminal emulators that are compliant at the very least with the WCAG AA accessibility standard for colour contrast

  • Tempus Themes Generator

    Script to build Tempus themes on demand.