Seabed theme

Seabed is a low contrast colour scheme inspired by the deep sea. It is special among my theme collection in that its two variants are essentially dark (in contrast to distinct light and dark versions). The difference between the two is one of degree: a dark and a ‘lighter’ dark. There is no pure red, orange, and yellow, while the rest of the palette hints heavily towards the blue side of the spectrum.

Packages or ports of it are available for Vim and Atom, as well as the Xfce4, RXVT-Unicode (urxvt), and XTERM terminal emulators.


Dark base

060D18 161D28 666D78 969DA8

Light base

162D38 263D48 667D88 96ADB8

Accent values

78456B 6A867A 2D886C 3A6A8D
846B85 6A865A 35838C 4D5B94

Base values from left to right: background, background highlight, secondary text, primary text.

Vim themes

All Prot16 themes (including Seabed) are available as a plugin for Vim. To install them, use your favourite plugin manager. With vim-plug:

Plug 'protesilaos/prot16-vim'

Then specify your choice in .vimrc. Use either the light or dark variant:

" the light variant
colorscheme seabed_light

" or the dark variant
colorscheme seabed_dark

Atom packages

Seabed light available at

Atom GitHub Or run the command apm install seabed-syntax

Seabed dark available at

Atom GitHub Or run the command apm install seabed-dark-syntax

Atom and Vim colour mapping




Primary: Class names, variables, functions, etc.
Secondary: Measurement units, strings, support functions, etc.
Tertiary: Cursor, support classes, etc.

Terminal emulators

For Seabed, the following terminal emulators are supported thus far:

Below are the specs to copy-paste into a terminal that is not supported yet.

060D18 78456B 2D886C 6A865A 3A6A8D 846B85 35838C 263D48 161D28 6A867A 96ADB8 666D78 667D88 4D5B94 969DA8 162D38

Terminal Base values (light theme)
Background: 162D38
Foreground: 96ADB8
Cursor: 96ADB8
Bold colour: 96ADB8

Terminal Base values (dark theme)
Background: 060D18
Foreground: 969DA8
Cursor: 969DA8
Bold colour: 969DA8

Palette specs

# Palette variables and values

dbg=060D18 # Dark background
dhl=161D28 # Dark background highlight
dt2=666D78 # Dark background secondary text
dt1=969DA8 # Dark background primary text

lbg=162D38 # Light background
lhl=263D48 # Light background highlight
lt2=667D88 # Light background secondary text
lt1=96ADB8 # Light background primary text

red=78456B # Red variant
ora=6A867A # Orange variant
yel=6A865A # Yellow variant
gre=2D886C # Green variant

cya=35838C # Cyan variant
blu=3A6A8D # Blue variant
vio=4D5B94 # Violet variant
mag=846B85 # Magenta variant
# Terminal colour codes
# corresponding to the palette
# followed by termcol description

dbg=0      # black
red=1      # red
gre=2      # green
yel=3      # yellow
blu=4      # blue
mag=5      # magenta
cya=6      # cyan
lhl=7      # white
dhl=8      # brblack
ora=9      # brred
lt1=10     # brgreen
dt2=11     # bryellow
lt2=12     # brblue
vio=13     # brmagenta
dt1=14     # brcyan
lbg=15     # brwhite

Related projects

Note that this theme is part of the wider Prot16 collection. The Prot16 git repo includes all files (except the Atom packages) for each and every item.

Wish to contribute? Work can be done to port the themes to other applications. The program that handles the process is the Prot16 Generator (a bash script to build themes on demand or to work with other scripts in automating the process).

Application-specific Prot16 repositories:

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