Protesilaos Stavrou

EU policy analyst. Philosopher. Web developer.

Political research and analysis

Blog on EU politics

Books and independent publications

  • Prolegomena to a study of Metaethics

    On the abstract structure of ethics and its implications on such magnitudes as individuality, agency, reward, punishment, free will.

  • Notes on the modes of Scepticism

    On the empirical, epistemological, and metaphysical grounds for scepticism: a pragmatic and holistic disposition towards knowledge and learning.

  • Dialogues on EU politics

    On the specifics of EU politics and the European integration process

  • Essays on Sovereignty

    On the theoretical aspects and underpinnings of supreme political authority

Άρθρα στα ελληνικά (articles in greek)

Coding and web development

Coding blog

Highlighted projects (on GitHub)

  • Prot16 Generator

    A nimble tool to automate the process of exporting the Prot16 colour schemes to a variety of applications and terminals.

  • My dotfiles

    Customisations for i3-gaps and some of my favourite programs on GNU/Linux.